Our Cycling Tour Gradings

All our cycle tours are graded to help you determine if they are suitable for you however, it is only an estimation as there are many factors which determine a tour difficulty like wind direction, road surface, temperature and of course ones fitness and preparation for your cycling tour.

Level 1

Easy biking in nearly flat landscape, some minor hills maybe on some days, these tours are usually for people with little or no experience. The daily distances will be between 18-30 miles per day.

Level 2

Biking in flat to hilly areas. You will encounter some climbs from time to time sometimes short but steep. The daily distances are between 18-45 miles per day

Level 3

Strenuous biking trips in hilly regions where climbs cannot be avoided. These could be long in places. The daily distances are between 18-60 miles per day

Level 4

Serious and strenuous biking in mountainous regions, climbs are longer and steeper than level 3 tours. Distances between 18-75 miles per day.

Level 4+

Serious tours for serious cyclists often in training or with many years biking experience. Distances 30 miles per day upwards.